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Sky by Nagarajan Natarajan


(by Nives B.)


Sunset fragments

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when kris noticed his book is upside down

abc of  my biases : kris his own way of Dancing.

abc of  my biases : kris his own way of Dancing.

the perks of being kris wu.

best of exo.

nobody is funnier when they’re pissed off than Kris


Brimketill Troll Pool, Lavarock Pool, Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland
Photo Credit: (daitoZen)

happiness; satisfaction

A small reminder that Kim Hyunah is a very real human being with feelings. And yet, she doesn’t cry because she’s hurt from the evil things strangers say but out of gratitude to her members for giving her a safe and warm place to come home to at the end of the day.

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