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Trisha to Amala Paul’s Wedding👏


When you mirrored me …. by Chendur on Flickr.

Odissi dancers at Nrityagram, Bangalore.

Wu Yifan’s power of going from being a cute adorable lil baby to a sexy  gorgeous beast in a matter of seconds


My new apartment! 2 bedroom, 2 bath, office, solarium, deck, 22nd floor with amazing view(the view pic doesn’t do it justice). Moving in July 1!

we just want you to be happy

I want you to completely fill up my throat. My whole body is shaking. No matter how much I drink of you it’s never enough. The poison that has spread all the way from my head to toes. But I can’t deny. Receiving thousands of stimulations. Thrills me. I can’t stop. —Kris Overdose Rap❤️ (via yourtypicalasianfangirl)

Translation of Kris’ rap in Overdose Chinese version

the ways kris wrinks to us ◕‿↼


My friend got featured in a magazine and she used my picture!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sky by Nagarajan Natarajan

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